How Does it work

You must surf 5 ADS every 24 hours to qualify for earnings from revshare. Every ads surfed give you 1 credit for advertise your sites.

Your cuntdown timer is visible on the right menu "ADSHARE"==>"MYADSHARES".

Then you can now fund your account with paypal or payeer or both of them and buy your shares that returns to you 1.20% daily for 100 days for a total of 120%. Revenue is distributed every hour for 24 times during the day, from the hour when you bought ads share there starts your 24 hours earnings...(ex.: I bought 10 shares yesterday at 03.00 pm my first day expire today at 03.00 pm).

Remember that you must surf 5 site for start earning or receive your commissions from you referrals.

Io order to repurchase adpack you must with draw your earnings and re-invest them or buy with fresh money, this is another good sustain parameter of our platform.

How many Referrals Can I have

You don't have a max. referrals number limit

You also earn from 3 levels deep referrals commission.

How many account can I have?

You can register only personal account but you can register other family member who lives in your house, BUT they havve a different payeer or paypal account and email and you could not receive any referrals commission on them, this is at our discretion.

How much is the minimum deposit

Your deposit starts from 2.00 Dollars

How much and when can I Withdraw

You can Withdraw daily from 3.00$ to 550$. you can do 1 withdraw request per day.

withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours upto 48 hours From MONDAY to FRIDAY  and from 08.00 to 22.00 

Referrals and Commission

Your earn are downto 3 level deep referrals line.

commissions are the follow: 

  1.  First Level 5 %
  2. Second Level 3%
  3. Third Level 2%

All Commissions are withdrawable


Fresh money ever during the selling/repurchasing adpacks and from advertisers and pubblishers take a good fund liquidity to process withdrawal request in few times.

Redistribuing revshare that is generated through selling our products and by new advertisers that advertise in our site.

some external income generated by GenesisAds Group LLC, so this can permit us to redistribuite ever a revenue share about of 85 - 90 % of our profits.

Last but not Least some trades in crypto currencies and other investments that improve General site income.

this project is under costruction and evolving day by day, but we are here to stay.




Users who won't or can't surf their 5 site daily can purchase our vacation packages that allows to not surf for defined hours, days, months or years.

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